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All we’ve ever wanted was for Beyoncé to tell us how to live our best lives. So when we stumbled on this website where you ask a question and get a Beyoncé-style fortune, we were immediately obsessed.
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deja vu?
We’ve always wanted to live in one of Wes Anderson’s symmetrical worlds. Turns out: we basically do. This Instagram account aggregates perfectly framed snapshots of real-life that look like they’re right out of the director’s playbook.
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We’re a pretty worldly group. Basically every one of our meetings has at least three accents and one distant dial-in. So when we found out that there’s a budding space nation accepting residential applications and seeking UN recognition, we naturally thought: is the next Kettle location in space?
Apply for Asgardian citizenship
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We love TV. We also love food. Babish and his iconic beard bring the two together in the most delicious way possible: he figures out the recipes that we’ve seen on screen, like the Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce, an Eggo extravaganza from Stranger Things, and spaghetti carbonara from Master of None.
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If you’re redecorating (or decorating new offices, like we’ve been doing in SF) and you need a shortcut to exquisite taste, there’s an obvious answer: only buy gay-man approved furniture and decor. And now there’s an online shop that lets you easily do just that.
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to eat
We shouldn’t even share this one: these gorgeous, delicious little chocolates are a super limited edition. Hurry up and get your order in before we take the lot.
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We’re always passing adorable things around. This year, far and away, it was hedgehogs. Hedgehogs in hats. Hedgehogs eating snacks. Hedgehogs getting relaxed. We may need an office hedgehog... TBD.
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there’s more.
Bright ideas to ignite your brain (in the good way).
Beautiful things to see, wear, and find IRL.
  • Photo of the Day is a Nat Geo community where photographers can take on assignments, get expert feedback, be published, and more.
  • BlackPods make AirPods even more futuristically chic than they already are.
  • Every Frame a Painting is a YouTube channel about film and cinematic universes that just ended an awesome 3-year run.
  • Everlane has been a Kettle fan-favorite for years, but now that there are brick-and-mortar shops near our offices in both SF and NYC, we can’t stop trying on new styles.
  • Daily Overview and Humza Deas give us a new perspective on how beautiful our world is.
Binge-worthy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • The Trixie & Katya Show on Viceland is everything. Just everything. It’s sort of NSFW, depending on your W.
  • Monster Factory shows you how two funny, nerdy dudes create the weirdest characters in video games.
  • Nerdwriter1 offers super smart analysis of interesting communication topics. Episodes are all under 10 minutes long, but you’ll watch 10 at a time.
  • FilmStruck offers instant access to critically acclaimed films, hard-to-find gems, and cult favorites from the world’s greatest independent film libraries.
  • Fiona the Hippo is all over the Internet and some of us may keep videos in extra tabs just to keep us inspired through the day.
Brilliant podcasts filling our BlackPods.
  • Still Processing is one of the best perspectives on everything that’s going on in social and pop culture that we’ve come across.
  • Origins explains how movies, TV shows, and more began. Protip: start with the Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes.
  • Heavyweight is a deep dive into the human experience every week, with real stories about what has and could have been. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always on-point. Try not to cry.
  • Nancy is about how we define ourselves and the journey we take to get there with an LGBTQ-slant.
  • Last Podcast on the Left features a hilarious bunch of friends talking about conspiracy theories, murders, and monsters.
Our final obsessions, of course, are our clients, partners, and teammates. We’re so happy to be working and making great things with you. Have the best holidays ever.